пʼятниця, 2 серпня 2013 р.

I had such a beautiful dream last night, and then I woke up. It was over. I felt warmth and love

There are so many people who are happy together. And when I see them, I smile, I am happy because they are together. Originally, you can`t be alone, because you have yourself, you have the entire world, you have your faith. but people need another people

I need your loving'
Like the sunshineEverybody's gotta learn sometime

і все на світі треба пережити
і кожен фініш- це по суті старт 
і на перед не треба ворожити,
і за минулим плакати не варт

but I think I am not ready yet. I should just live through everything. But I don`t want to. I want to feel and love anything I do. And then do what I love
starting not now of course

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