понеділок, 29 липня 2013 р.

we are infinite

we must live forever if we spend our lives being so out-of-anything
My dear friend, I miss seeing you every day in school. We are an ocean apart.
It is so funny to see the beauty in something that you were afraid of. So many thoughts, all mixed up.
I always thought I have a real home. Maybe, there is no such thing. Earth is home, beautiful and green.
I miss America, I miss this 9 months like crazy. Getting up at 5, school bus at 6.50, ultimate frisbee, American accent, always hot Arizona, ocean. and people I love
It is awkward to be a stranger in your home city, to be strangers to people that you considered as friends

i have this all in my heart. i will not forget your writings on my notebook, I will save it.
somewhere there is somebody who understands and wants to know
everybody loves somebody sometimes

all songs that were with me,
all pictures in my room,
all people I knew,
every day
every minute
every glance
is inside me

last night we were driving fast, drinking peanut butter milkshakes at midnight. and then I left

I need this